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A path to education and success

Career App.tizer is the perfect tool to provide recommendations on degrees and career paths for you


We take who you are, your academic marks and high school subjects into consideration for every recommendation we provide


Hand picked the most suitable surveys to provide you with different personality factors such as Leadership, Altruism, Creativity, etc.


Integrated with the University programmes to give you the best pick of degree(s). This information is also kept up to date.


Mapped all the degrees with it's possible careers to give you an understanding of what you are studying before applying.

Our Team

We are a group of inspired students and staff ourselves that would like to provide South Africa students with a clear understanding of their capabilities

Staff Members

staff members in the Education Innovation Department of University of Pretoria Left-to-right: Dr Juan-Claude Lemmens and Mr Moses Kebalepile.

Longitudinal research by the unit for Higher Education Research and Innovation (HERI) into first-year dropout from the University of Pretoria has consistently identified wrong course choice as the primary cause. Thanks to the Siyaphumelela grant from the Kresge Foundation, the University has been able to commission the development of a smart phone application that can be used from Grade 10 at school to first-year at university. The app helps learners to identify their preferences and strengths and links the profile to suitable careers. The careers then link to specific degree programmes within the University of Pretoria.

The app was developed by third year students form the Department of Informatics at the University of Pretoria. The project is managed by Dr Juan-Claude Lemmens and supported by Mr Moses Kebalepile and staff from UP. The app will be launched in October 2015 and implemented in targeted schools in 2016. The app will be made available to the other participating Siyaphumelela universities and they will be able to particularize it to their programmes. It can later be made available to all universities.

Team Members

Team members of the Career App.Tizer project
Left-to-right: Yi-Yu (Bruce) Liu - team leader, Gezile Ndhlovu, Kristina Jovanovic, Christopher Park

We are a group of students that are completing our third and final year of Bcom(Informatics) in 2015 and are currently using this project to demonstrate the beauty of our rainbow nation. With this project, we hope to guide many students across the country to find the degree that most suites them.

In this process, we completed the following deliverables with a distinction: (1) Project Proposal, (2) Functional Specification, (3) Interface Design and Prototyping, (4) Technical Specification, (5) Internally Tested System (Development), (6) Final System (Development), (7) User Documents and Training Manuals

Please find our contact details below if you wish to get hold of us:
Yi-Yu (Bruce)
Christopher Alexander Park

Our Process

Here is an overview of how we approach each student.


  • Collect your information
  • High School Marks
  • Calculate your APS
  • And more


  • Provide survey questions
  • Gain Psychologist input
  • Run algorithms
  • Provide the best results


  • Show your personal degree(s)
  • Compare with your APS
  • Compare with degree prerequisites
  • Possible Career Recommendations

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